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Fire Door Inspections

SFS Fire is BRE Certified to inspect fire doors.

Emergency Lighting

Service and maintenance of emergency lighting systems in accordance with BS 5266 part 8, monthly “flick: tests, 1 hour and 3 hour soak testing.

Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Plan

The purpose is to provide an assessment of the risk to life from fire and where appropriate, make recommendations to ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005. The guidance provided by the results of this assessment is designed to provide the owner/responsible person/employer with the opportunity to put into place any shortcomings identified within this assessment to achieve any legal compliance.

The fire risk assessment is a comprehensive document, presented to our customers in a professionally bound record and is not a simple questionnaire downloaded from the internet.

Dry Risers

We carry out the visual inspection at six monthly intervals and annual wet test of Dry Rising in accordance with BS 9990.

Room Integrity Testing

The purpose of a Room Integrity Test is to determine the predicted time that the gaseous extinguishant will be retained in an enclosure ISO14520/BSEN15004.

A test report is submitted to you, the client, stating whether the enclosure is deemed to have passed or failed the test. In the event of failure, we will advise the client of the leakage areas that require remedial action prior to re-testing the enclosure.

Fire Evacuation Drills

We can observe the evacuation procedure of your building, noting any relevant findings / De-brief the fire wardens following the completion of the evacuation drills / Issue a written report with observational comments, recommendations and any further actions required.

Gas Suppression Systems

Service and maintenance of automatic gaseous suppression systems following BSEN 15004, BS ISO14520, BS5306, BS5839, BS6266, BS7273, BS EN 16282 and manufacturers recommendations.

Kitchen Suppression Systems – BS EN 16282

Design, installation and commissioning with aftercare solutions and service packages for fixed wet chemical suppression systems.

Fire Hydrants – BS 9990

6th monthly visual inspection and annual flow testing of the fire hydrants with reports detailing pressure readings, observations and recommendations.

Sprinkler Systems

Service and maintenance of sprinkler systems in accordance with BS EN 12845 or NFPA 25 2014 Edition and the manufacturers recommendations including specialist service/repair for diesel fire pump sets.

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