When the installation has been completed, the commissioning test defined in BS5839 Part 1 is carried out. For Large installations, commissioning tests may need to be phased.

Testing is carried out with the aid of the Handover Checklist and Record of Operational Checks.

The commissioning includes several checks including:

  • Wiring
  • Power Supplies
  • Audibility Reading
  • Cause and Effect ensuring all detectors and call points operate correctly
  • System drawing details
  • Design Verification.

On completion of the commissioning stage, handover of the installation needs to formally take place to you the customer or a representative of yours. This includes any training in the use of the system and the system features, written instructions for the operation of the system, and the system keys. Further system operating instructions are provided as required by the customer before handover is completed and the Commissioning Certification signed.